Single-molecule Polymer Science

Group News

  • 01/12/23 Welcome the undergraduate students Elise and Ethan to the group!

  • 12/02/22 Farhin Amin Raha joins our group. Welcome!

  • 06/06/22 REU student Christina Yu joins us from UIUC. Welcome!

  • 05/16/22 Kai won the best poster award in the 2022 Polymer Appreciation Day of SPSPE. Congratulations!

  • 10/28/21 We received support from ACS Petroleum Research Fund to continue our research in single-molecule polymer chemistry. Thanks to ACS and the hard work of the group!

  • 05/15/21 Kehao, Wendong and Wenqiao received their Master’s degree in Polymer Science. Congratulations!

  • 03/15/21 Lei Liu joins our group to pursue his PhD. Welcome!

  • 03/05/21 Our review paper “Real-time Single Polymer Growth toward Single-Monomer Resolution” is available online at Trends in Chemistry. Congratulations to Kai!

  • 11/17/20 Shuzhen Liu joins the group. Welcome!

  • 08/31/19 Kai Gu joined the lab as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!

  • 08/01/19 Liu lab has started at the University of Akron. We would like to thank the Department of Polymer Science and the Department of Chemistry for their support!