Principle Investigator

Chunming Liu is a physical and analytical chemist with his primary research interest in studying polymer chemistry and physics at single-molecule level. Before joining the University of Akron, Dr. Liu worked as a research associate with Prof. Peng Chen at Cornell University, where he achieved the first real-time visualization of single polymer chain growth and built expertise on magnetic tweezers and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. Dr. Liu obtained his PhD in analytical chemistry with Prof. Paul S. Cremer at Texas A&M University, specialized on the development of membrane protein separation method and label-free biosensors based on supported lipid bilayers.

Graduate Students

Kai Gu

PhD student, Polymer Science 

Started in 2019

BS in Chemistry,

Wuhan University

Wenqiao Zhou

PhD student, Polymer Science 

Started in 2021

MS in Polymer Science, UAkron

BS, Shenzhen University

Farhin Amin Raha

PhD student, Chemistry 

Started in 2022

BS in Pharmacy, 

Daffodil International University

Undergraduate Students

Ethan Rang




Name Year Degree/Program Next Position

Elise Rezabeck 2022-2023 BS in Biochemistry, UAkron Sherwin-Williams

Lei Liu 2021-2023 PhD student, Polymer Engineering, UAkron

Shuzhen Liu 2020-2023 MS in Polymer Science, UAkron PhD student, Chemical Engineering, UAkron

Christina Yu 2022 REU student from UIUC PhD student, Cornell University

Kehao Ren 2019-2021 MS in Polymer Science, UAkron PhD student, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Wendong Ren 2019-2021 MS in Polymer Science, UAkron MS student, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Harsh Patel 2019-2020 BS in Chemistry, UAkron R&D Chemist at Quanex

Jian Bao 2019-2020 SVSM high school research program